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The benefits of stainless steel for slide equipment

For all sliding equipment, we have chosen stainless steel due to its exceptional qualities.

It offers many advantages:

  • More security: homogenous construction of the slide in one piece, no joints, no seams. The different sections of the slide bed are welded together, sanded then polished. All sheet edges are rounded, or finished in tube section. All this reduces risk of injury.
  • More comfort: the user cannot feel the joints when using the slide
  • High resistance to UV radiations, temperature fluctuation and frost.
  • An aesthetic high quality material
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning (idle time is reduced)
  • High durability, long life-span, will endure decades of wear and resist corrosion
  • 100% recyclable, ideal choice in an HEQ process.
  • A warranty on all works, materials, parts and structure of up to 5 years on all the metallic structures and slide bed
  • No need for any yearly maintenance contract or usual repair jobs.